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Welcome to NAIFS

Congratulations. You've discovered the world's premier academic institution dedicated solely to the Black New World Order.

Maybe you're a whiteboi who has been seeing a lot of odd things on Twitter lately, and stumbled across us in your search for more information. Perhaps you're a white girl following a similar path. Maybe you're already a seasoned expert in Black Supremacy, and found us because of your exquisite tastes.

Regardless, you've come to the right place. Our purpose is to educate you and create a global network of soldiers bent on achieving world peace by peacefully breeding whiteness out of existence.

Depending on where your mind is at right now, that's either a breath of fresh air or one of those most inflammatory things you've ever heard. We want you to know that here at NAIFS, whiteboi emotions are given zero priority. We value truth and power, and we will not stop until each and every one of you joins us.

Saddle up, honkey. It's gonna be a long ride.

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