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Special Lecture - Prof. Casey K

Hiiii my little darlings 🖤🖤🖤


Today 🐾Prof. Casey 🐾 is going to give you some tips and tricks on looking cute 👯‍♀️, keeping that clitty locked up tight🗝️🗝️🔐 and making sure that pussy 🐈‍⬛ stays full 🥰.


Prologue: Ethics and Respect


PLEASE READ...I'm adding this BECAUSE it's a very important thing that everyone in kink needs to know and follow. Respect and boundaries are very important. While it's fun to talk about amongst mutual followers and friends, not everybody feels the same way that you do, and wants to talk about your genitals or sexual experiences. Also not everybody wants to role play with you. Sometimes people just want to talk about their kink because it's an everyday part of their life and not some fantasy.


Make sure to respect people's boundaries and establish a baseline conversation with consent before discussing anything i that might be deemed inappropriate. I personally seriously dislike when I'm just trying to have a normal adult conversation about kink and people start asking me about cum and sex and submission, etc. It makes me very uncomfortable. You can have one conversation without the other 🖤🐶

Femme Clothing & Style Tips


Okayyy SO, if you're anything like me, you want to LOOK as horni and feral on the outside, as you FEEL on the inside. Everyone is different, has different tastes, and comforts , but I promise there is a way for you to express yourself while also looking like a hot ass bitch.


Underwear 😉🩲


If you are just starting out, the best place to start is getting comfortable wearing feminine underwear. Sports bras are super soft and comfy (Calvin Klein is always a popular go to), as is any brand of cotton panties. Usually there's enough stretch in the front to contain your little clitty and balls, while also giving you that affirmation that you're a cute little slut underneath your everyday clothes.


If you're feeling a little more adventurous, a lingerie set or crotchless panties underneath your outfit (Shein & Victoria's Secret are great places to look) will have you feeling like the whore you want to be so badly. There are lots of different types of underwear and everyone is going to have a different preference level. The more conservative might want a set of cute cotton panties, the more sluttier types (aka. me 🐕) might opt for a thong or a G-String. The crotchless underwear are EXCELLENT for keeping your caged clitty from catching on any clothing or feeling cramped, and it looks extra hot when it's time to strip down and please some big cock.


Bonus Tips: Pull those underwear straps up high above your hips, it really helps accentuate your bodies' natural curves. Not only does this help to show off that cute underwear, but also to let real men know you're a whore and ready and willing to be bred by them.


Outerwear 🧥🖤💋


So once you're nice and comfortable wearing your new underwear sets, the next step is to fill out your wardrobe with more feminine clothes. No more cargo shorts, no more graphic t-shirts, no more boot cut jeans. We're talking crop tops, sofee/booty shorts, leggings, my personal fave, super oversized sweaters (they make you feel frail and smol 🥺🖤), skirts, and yes dresses.


Your new style will not only help you feel more confident, comfortable and hot, but it will open up a whole new way for you to express yourself. PLUS, all the REAL men sliding into your dms doesn't hurt either.


My personal go-to is still Shein, it's fast fashion, cheap, comfortable, and ships super quick. They always have sales and people constantly post accurate reviews of basically everything. Your easier to manage local places to check, if you're in the US, are going to be places like, Forever 21, Khols, Target and I hate to say it, even Walmart and Amazon.


Depending on your tastes, you might not quite know what to buy, or even what to wear. That's totally fine! That's what this is for. You want to buy a few staple pieces and work around that. You could pair a crop top with some cute shorts, or even some sweatpants on a casual day. A giant comfy sweater with shorts is always a crowd fave, it also makes it look like you're not wearing pants. In the summer you can wear a nice sundress or a short skirt and show off those soft booty cheeks! A thong or any kind of no show underwear is recommended, or no underwear at all if you're feeling brave.


The sluttier and more revealing you dress, the more attention you're going to get, and the more you're going to signal to REAL men that you want their cum.


Belly cut shirts also look super cute with high waisted skirts as well, plus the longer skirt helps hide your slutty cage and underwear from peering eyes. It will be trial and error at first, you may want to look up ideas online, or ask your girl friends what they think. The important thing is to dress in a way that's most comfy for YOU!


Chastity & You


Now I know you're thinking, why do I have to do this, I don't know where to start, what's the point of doing this, and do I really have to? The good news is that you don't HAVE to do anything! The bad news is, is that you're going to WANT to.


Mindset 🤔💭


There are loads (heh loads) of reasons why people engage in chastity play. Some people do it for denial, some people do it because it helps with body dysmorphia, or if you're like me, it's because it looks super cute and clean, the aesthetic is perfect, and it REALLY let's you focus on using your asspussy🍑 as your main sexual organ. I'm not going to go over all the different reasons why people use chastity, I will, however, absolutely help get you started so you can avoid most of the research and guesswork a lot of us in the community had to do.


If you do research online, you're going to see a lot of conflicting answers on how to do it properly. I can't guarantee that my advice is going to be the BEST way, but it's definitely a way that's affordable, safe, clean and fun!


Starting from the bottom 👉👈


The biggest and most important thing I can't stress enough is that it does NOT matter how big or girthy your clitty is, ignore✋😞 what anybody else says. No matter what style cage you want, your clitty is MUSHY AF and will ABSOLUTELY fit into anything you're interested in . The important thing when it comes to chastity is BASE RING SIZE. This is the part of the cage that's going to be making the most contact with your body and experiencing the most amount of friction. What you don't want to feel is any pinching, burning or pain of any kind . If you're wearing it right it should just feel like a hug, safe and secure.


Bonus Tips: A little moisturizer or lube under the balls where the base ring makes contact with your skin, and even on your inner thighs, will go a long way and staying off any unwanted rubbing or irritation, allowing you to wear your cages long as you want!


Locking Procedure 📜📜📜


The way I like to lock up, in the event that I'm ever unlocked, is first I take the base ring and pull both balls through. Sometimes if you do it one at a time one will slip out or go up inside you. Once they're through, I push my clitty INTO me, and under the base ring, and pull it all the way through out the other side. You want to take a second to make sure both the clitty and balls are pulled all the way through and the base ring is as far as it can go against your pelvis. You don't want any kind of creases or folds as that will cause pain even if you don't notice it right away. If you have a regular external cage, all you then have to do is slide your clitty into the cage and secure it and you're good to go!


If you're a little more advanced  and you have a nub, micro, or negative cage that pushes your useless little clit inside you, there's a little trick I have that'll make things a lot easier. Once your base ring is secured, push your soft clitty in towards your pelvis from the tip and keep pushing it in until it goes inside you . Don't panic here! There's a special cavity behind your clitty that it can sit safely and comfortably for as long as you'd like! Once it's pushed all the way in and you're holding it with your finger, take the cage and place it over while your finger is and quickly secure it down while moving your finger. Everything should still be pushed inside you for the most part and you shouldn't have any trouble locking it.


Chastity Accessories 


If you want to be extra secure, two things you'll definitely want are a cage strap and a plug strap. Now I use these terms loosely because everyone has a different style they use. A cage strap is just something that wraps around both sides of the base ring, and up above your hips to hold it in place. Plug strap is typically something that attaches to the bottom of the cage, goes between your legs, over your buttplug, and attaches to the back of your cage strap. You'll see a lot of people that have elastic cage straps, but there are also leather ones and harnesses and harnesses too! In the case of either, what you'll do is once your base ring is secure but before you attach the cage, pass one end of the strap through either side of the base ring, attach it to the most secure button, pass it up over your hips, around your back, and secure it to the other side of the ring. The same thing goes for plug straps. There are definitely designated harnesses that are meant to hold plugs in, but a little cheap trick I have for you that looks super cute is uncut elastic hair ties. You can get a pack of them at any market or pharmacy, and combine it with a tiny lock, lobster claw hook, or a carabiner. What you'll do is pass one end of the hair tie through the bottom of your base ring and then pass it through itself so one end is secure to the base ring . You'll then pull the elastic between your legs and up behind you and secure it to your cage strap. Then voila! You're extra super secure and you look super cute and slutty to boot 💁‍♀️🥵😌


Chastity Sizing 📏📐⚖️


Most cages you buy online will come with a Small, Medium and Large ring, so more often than not it'll come with one that will fit you. Sometimes the more expensive ones ask for a specific size so it will custom fit you, but those purchases often explain exact directions on how to measure yourself. The best piece of advice I've ever seen online was that your fingertip should just barely fit between your skin and the base ring, that's how you know you've got a secure fit.


Chastity Materials & Types 👩‍🔬🔬🧪


There are lots of different types of cages and it's important that you just pick the one that's most appealing to you! They come in all different sizes shapes and materials. The most common materials are plastic, silicone, metal, and 3D printed polymer. Plastic and silicone are definitely the cheapest and easiest to come by, however they might not have the fit you like, be the most comfortable, or be the most secure . Metal and polymer are sometimes a little pricier, but typically they're the most secure and least likely to break.


When it comes to buying one, names you'll see often are Holy Trainer 😇, Cherry Keeper 🍒, or in my case Mamba and Python🐍. These aren't the cheapest options but if you're serious about it they're definitely worth the investment. However, one thing I've learned is that you don't have to get name brand cages if you don't want. 99% of the time you can absolutely find the same style cage as a knockoff that's almost just as good on a website like Alibaba or Amazon, or even your favorite sex toy website. The best advice I could give you when buying, is that if you find a style you like, keep looking and I promise you you will find the same model at a much cheaper price.


Chastity Hygeine 🧼🚿


The last important thing we need to go over is keeping your little clitty CLEAN. If you're going to be wearing something over your skin and not able to access it for long hours, or even going to the bathroom with it on, you run a serious risk of dirt and bacteria building up. A good habit to have is making sure you either shower and wash your precious little clit thoroughly, or at the very least wipe down your whole crotch area with a washcloth or wet wipe prior to locking. This ensures you have a fresh clean start every time and you'll smell good as well! You also want to make sure that you use soap and warm water to wash your cage every time you use it as well so that cummies (yum), dirt, and bacteria don't build up on it and make you sick or smell funny. If you're permanently locked, what you want to do is get soap in around your entire crotch area and cage and wash it thoroughly in the bath or shower to make sure to get as much of the build-up as possible washed off. You can also use a cotton swab for the hard to reach places as well! There's also nothing wrong with briefly taking off your cage, even if you're permanently locked, to clean both yourself and the cage as part of your daily maintenance, no matter what anybody says. It's not worth your health 🖤🖤🖤😭.


Bonus Tips: If you unlock for maintenance or to use the restroom, your cage might be glazed over with delicious pre-cum or pee. I highly recommend sucking on it before securing it back on or cleaning it for a tasty little treat you deserve for being so good 🖤😋🐕.

ADVANCED TIP: If you're interested in a sleeker look without anything hanging out, you can use some tips from tucking to smooth things out. If you have a negative chastity cage, what you can do is first put the base ring around your clitty, and then while holding it in place, attach the chastity ring straps around your waist. Then attach the butt plug strap and attached to the back of the chastity strap. Once the ring is in place, take two or three fingers and gently push each ball individually into the space above it inside your body. You probably have accidentally done this before and it is totally safe. Once both of them are pushed up inside slide the ring over the area where they were pushed up and pull the loose skin through without the balls, this should prevent them from falling back down. Then push your clitty inside and secure the cage as normal. If you do is properly, the result should be everything pushed inside you and when you put on your underwear nothing should be hanging out. You can also try this with a cute little device on Etsy called the FuFu Clip, which helps push both your clitty and balls in, while simulating the look of having labia. It's super adorable and I highly recommend a try. Another couple websites to check out for other versions of this look are Fancy Steel and Koala Swim.


Buttplugs & Asspussy Training

Let's start by talking a little bit about anatomy. Your ass, or more specifically the "anus", is a small part of your lower intestine. It's about 5"-6" long, and is quite resilient, stretchy, self cleaning and self lubricating. This is where most of the pounding takes place, and only the first 2" or so have any nerve endings that you can actually feel. Basically the first two are for you, the other four are for them 🖤😌.


Asspussy Anatomy 🐱🔭🧬👩‍🔬


If you were born with a prostate, this is where a majority of your pleasure will come from, it is your "g-spot" so to speak. In short, it is a tiny button of an organ that you can feel about 3"-4" in, that produces reproductive fluids and hormones among other things. Constant stimulation and pressure on this will eventually result in a very intense contraction-like orgasm. So when you're being fucked properly, you can imagine how much it would be stimulated. If you were born with a vagina, the nerve endings are actually closer on the anus side, than they are on the vagina side, so you may experience more stimulation than you would expect, and can orgasm all the same.


Asspussy Maintenance 🔨👩‍🏭


Before we get into any play, the first thing we have to go over is once again, HYGEINE. While the anus technically shouldn't have any fecal matter in it, if you're like me, sometimes it does and you need to give it a rinse. The best and easiest way to do this is with an water enema bulb or enema bag. Some bulbs come with laxative liquid alongside or already inside them. Unless you MEAN to use laxatives, do not put that in your body. All you need is some clean, warm water. With a bulb, you'll fill it up, put the nozzle on, either bend over on the ground, or on the toilet, press or insert the nozzle into your anus, and squeeze. You should feel the water spraying inside. Once it's done, stand up and wait a moment until you feel like you need to use the restroom. Once you sit on the toilet just relax and let everything come out. You'll want to repeat this a few times until the water runs clear. If it continues to run dirty, you may have sprayed too far up in which case you either take a break and try again later, or keep going until it runs clear.


Pro Tip: You can try this in the bathtub or the shower if you don't mind getting everything down the drain. Additionally if you'd like to insert the nozzle more, a little soap or lube helps although this isn't necessary as you don't need to put it all the way in.


Using a bag is much faster, as you don't have to keep refilling it. Typically you'll fill the bag, attach the hose, hang it up, and insert the nozzle into you. You'll then use the clamp and release the water flow until just before you feel a stomach cramp. You'll then go release the water and repeat until everything runs clear. Some people that do this often prefer to have a shower attachment, although this isn't required. You want to make sure you only do this a couple times a week as this washes out the good bacteria out of your gut and will dry everything out.


Pro Tip: I've read that a light saline mixture helps with preventing your anus from drying out if you're up for trying that, just do a little bit of research before you do.


Once everything is cleaned out and runs clear, you typically want to wait a little bit before trying anything with a partner or yourself, as some water may come out later and you might have to do a couple more rinses.


Alternatively, medical experts say that since the anus doesn't typically have a lot of stuff in it or at least isn't supposed to, you can just put down a towel and get right to it, but if you're like me you'll just opt for the cleaning.


Asspussy Training 🐱💪


While you can ready yourself for anal with a finger or two and some lube, half the fun is playing with toys and stretching your hole. This can come in the form of vibrators, plugs, dildos and more!


Size is very important! While your ass is tough and stretchy, and can eventually engulf more than you'd expect, it's a muscle and you have to train it to do these things. When you insert anything it shouldn't hurt at all, if you feel any pain stop what you're doing. It might feel uncomfortable or awkward but it definitely shouldn't hurt. It's not abnormal to see a tiny bit of blood spotting but you should not see a lot of blood or feel any significant pain.


Pro Tip: NEVER put anything inside you that doesn't have a wide or t-shaped base. Your internal muscles are very strong and if something gets sucked in there is a good chance you're not going to get it back without a hospital visit.


The best way to get going is to start with fingers, or a small toy, less than 1" in diameter. Using plenty of lubricant, you'll want to get comfy, lay on your side, pull your knees up to your chest, and slowly tease and lube up the area until you're comfortable inserting. Once you're in, you'll want to go in and out, and take breaks as you get comfortable putting it all the way in. Once it's all the way in, you're free to let go and leave it in to not only get used to the feeling, but also to help your ass RELAX. The more control you have over a relaxing the muscle, the more you'll be able to take and the more you'll be able to enjoy it.


Pro Tip: In addition to using plenty of lube, one tip addition to relaxing and is counterintuitive is to actually push out when inserting something. This helps firm up the area so there is less give and you can slide past the resistance.


Once you're comfortable using your toy of choice for long periods of time, you can try and increase the diameter of the toy. The rule of thumb is you don't want to go up more than 0.25" in diameter when increasing the size of your toy. This is just so you don't tear anything or hurt yourself.


There are lots of different sizes and shapes of toys so I'm just going to give you a little bit of advice here. Depending on what you want out of the experience, your choice of toy will change. If you're looking to get used to getting fucked, you'll probably want to opt for more phallic-shaped toys that go deeper so you can get used to being penetrated. You can also use phallic shaped plugs as well. An amazing video that I love that really helped me practice is this one. It gives you detailed timers and instructions on how to orgasm from anal and if you follow it to the letter I promise you'll be addicted.


If you want to train your hole to gape (stay open and loose), which is super hot for everyone involved, you'll obviously want to opt for wider toys or plugs with a wide stem. The part of you that affects this is your inner and outer sphincter. The one on the outside is the one you control, the one on the inside is involuntary. Gaping is when you're able to train these muscles to relax and stay open and stay wider. A toy I love from Tantus that is great for this is the Inner Band Trainer. You may need to use some dildos and plugs and size up before you work up to it, but once you do it really helps stretch everything out. JUST because you are able to stretch everything out does not mean it will stay like that. After a period of time everything will tighten back up to normal until the next time you practice. Although each time It may get easier as you stretch and strengthen the muscle. Some other places to look for toys are Square Peg, Love Honey, and Extreme Restraints to name a few!


If you're simply interested in all day wear, you can use the previous plug instructions until you get more and more comfortable wearing it for a longer periods of time. It also looks super cute along with your cage and cute underwear. My absolute favorite toy for learning how to wear all day was the Tantus Ryder, although I wish they made a bigger one. It's super comfortable and stays snug as a bug all day long. As you get more and more comfortable you can increase the size, or opt-in to toys that have extra features like vibrations like the ones from LoveSense. I personally have the Hush in two sizes and I love it. If you're going to try all day wear, make sure to always have a plastic baggie with you in case you need to run to the bathroom or in case you need to take it out, as well as a small tube of lubricant, in case you need to add a little bit or reinsert. Don't be embarrassed if you want to wear one out, I wear them all day everyday, even to work and the gym. Nobody will know unless you tell them. Just make sure not to show anybody so you don't get in trouble 😵‍💫.


Materials and Lube 🧴🪙🧲


One more important thing I want to talk about is materials and lubricants. Toys can come in a bunch of different materials, the most common being, silicone, metal, and glass. Metal and glass are usually hardy and safe however they obviously don't have any give to them and maybe uncomfortable to use for some. Silicone is usually very stretchy and comfortable, however you really want to use a high quality silicone that isn't going to leach anything into you that will make you sick so do your research. The same thing goes for metal, make sure you're using medical grade metal in your body. While I'm not an expert on lube, there are definitely different types and qualities, to of which are water-based and silicone-based. I typically stick to water-based as the excess gets absorbed into you, it's typically harmless, and is safe to use with most toys. If you use silicone base lube as a lot of people prefer, because it lasts longer, you have to be careful what toys you use as it could degrade or cause some of them to come apart inside you and you really don't want that. My absolute go to water based lube is from Bad Dragon. It's simulated cum lube, it's very sticky and viscous and stringy, it lasts a long time, it's body safe, and it's CHEAP. If you don't like the white cum look, they also make a clear version!


Bonus Tip: Bad Dragon has very good high quality toys in a myriad of shapes and sizes and they also come with suction cups and tubes that can simulate the toys cumming inside you. Highly recommend trying them as they're a lot of fun.


Once you get used to using your toy of choice, your hole should be used to getting things put inside it, so that when your partner of choice is ready to pound you, your body will be ready and you can fully enjoy the experience!


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