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Educational Courses

Every NAIFS course is based on years of research and experimentation. This is the definitive, open-access guide to the Black New World Order. Course listings will expand as new faculty join the team. 


An introduction to the theory and principles of the Black New World Order. Difficulty: beginner to intermediate. 

Black History 101

An introduction to Black American history for whitebois and white girls. 

Lessons on attaining the feminine qualities requires of whitebois by the BNWO. Difficulty: beginner to intermediate.

An introduction to chastity, focused on the reasoning behind it and techniques for properly caging. 

Servitude 101

An introduction to the proper ways in which to serve Black Kings and white Queens of Spades in the BNWO. 

Social Media for Sissies

A thorough training program on how to use social media to increase your profile and spread the BNWO. 

Dating for Sissies

A guide to the dating scene for caged, plugged, feminized whiteboi sissies. 

Cuckold Lifestyle 101 (for whitebois)

A guide to being a cuckold, specially constructed for whitebois.

Cuckold Lifestyle 101 (for Queens of Spades)

A guide to cuckolding, geared toward white girls and/or Queens of Spades

Findom 101 (for whitebois)

A guide to financial domination for whitebois.

Findom 101 (for dommes)

A guide to financial domination for dommes. 

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