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BNWO Introduction

BNWO stands for Black New World Order. It is a complex philosophy that includes politics, psychology, biology, and sexuality as primary theoretical concerns. Ultimately, BNWO is a revolutionary social movement that seeks racial justice and world peace. Below, we offer an introduction to BNWO theory and praxis. This will serve as a first step for those interested in furthering the cause of the BNWO, and formal training will be offered in subsequent lectures.  


The primary tenet of BNWO philosophy is that Black Men are superior. For now, you must simply accept this as a fact. Knowing this fact will allow you to more easily understand what this implies for society, and for you personally. Repeat after me: Black. Men. Are. Superior. 


Unfortunately, Black superiority has been subjugated to whiteness via the structures of racism. It’s important to accept this reality as a corollary to the first tenet, because white racists argue that Black subjugation implies white superiority. In fact, the opposite is true. Whitebois have connived and schemed for centuries to leverage backhanded, two-faced, and truly horrific methods of oppression against the Black race. They have done so because whitebois fear Black superiority, and will do anything to maintain their unjust hold on global power. 


This oppression must be remedied. Because Black Men are superior, they must be placed at the pinnacle of global power, especially over the whitebois who have done so much to prevent natural Black dominance. However, because of the strength of the racist white social structure that dominates the globe, this is difficult to achieve. Direct attempts to demand racial justice - for example, the Civil Rights and BLM movements - have been unable to fully achieve their goals because whitebois continue to leverage anti-Black, racist political and social structures against them.


We still live in a world where inferior whitebois are allowed to reign over superior Black Men. BNWO offers a solution, and it’s based on a set of psychological, biological, and social shifts that have become apparent in recent years.


Essentially, The BNWO promotes a set of simple truths. First, whitebois are actually obsessed with Black Men’s sexuality, and specifically their superior cock size. This has led to an increase in whitebois transitioning to women, and an increase in interracial (Black Male, white female) porn. Furthermore, as interracial dating and marriage become more acceptable, more and more white women are refusing to have sex with whitebois. Additionally, thanks to recent political shifts in the U.S., the crimes of ypipo are now at the center of a far-reaching debate that rightfully demonizes the negative effects of whiteness.


What does this mean for you? You’ll need to read all of the other lectures in this module to fully understand. For now, if you’re a whiteboi, keep masturbating to interracial pornography. If you’re a white woman, go Black and stay Black Only. If you’re a Black Man, you already know what’s up.


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