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Black Superiority

The first tenet of the Black New World Order - that Black Men are superior - is often misconstrued as racist. Below, we outline the common-sense reasons why Black Men are superior, and why denial of this fact is actually the root of racism. 


Black Men are physically superior 


It’s been scientifically proven that Black Men have more lean muscle mass, lower BMIs, and higher overall concentrations of muscle fiber. They are therefore more athletic and in-shape, on average, than whitebois. This fact is patently obvious when looking at the world of collegiate and professional sports: Black Men dominate all major sports the world over, and especially in the U.S. This is because they are physically superior from birth, to the point that whitebois are openly afraid of engaging in physical competition with Black Men.  


Black Men are intellectually superior 


All of the most important art comes from the Black community. From music, to movies, to literature, to fashion, every type of art that is significant in American culture is based in Black consciousness and artistry. What's more, our public intellectuals are now mostly Black, and they dominate over previous figures in the white community. This fact has been twisted by racist stereotypes meant to hide the truth about Black intellectual superiority, and through the systematic denial of higher education to Black people. The fact is that the entirety of American intellectualism is rooted in Blackness, and whitebois have actually offered very little of value in this regard. Those that did were mostly appropriating Black thought for their own purposes.  


Black Men are socially and politically superior


All positive socio-political shifts in the U.S. were sparked by Black Men. From the end of slavery, to the worker’s rights movement in the 20th century, to the end of jim crow, to the civil rights movement, to the fight for free speech, voter’s rights, housing equality, to the election of Barack Obama and the rise of Black Lives Matter, the entireity of American social progress is the history of Black struggle and triumph. If it weren’t for Black Men, America would be significantly more backwards than it is. The only reason it continues to trail behind other modern nations in almost every index is simple: greedy, nefarious whitebois refuse to give up their unjust hold on political power.  


Black Men are sexually superior 


You know what they say: “Once you go Black…” It’s believed that whitebois refuse to date white women who have been with a Black Man because they’re racist. In reality, it’s much deeper. There are so many indications that Black Men are sexually superior. Black Men have larger penises on average. Black Men have more stamina and can ejaculate multiple times, something whitebois struggle with. Black Men are generally more attractive because of their physical superiority. Black Men’s ejaculate contains higher levels of sperm than whitebois, on average, meaning they are much more virile and have higher sexual appetites. As a consequence of all this, and the repression of natural white attraction to Black Men, interracial porn is more popular than ever. Chastity is more popular than ever among whitebois, and so is transitioning to being a woman. White women are much more open about their exclusive preference for Black Men, and interracial couples are far more common and socially accepted. This is because Black Men are sexually superior.   


Black Men are genetically superior 


Why all this superiority, in nearly every aspect of human experience? It’s quite simple, really. Black Men are genetically superior to whitebois. Their hybrid African DNA has been evolving for eons longer than whiteboi genes. This has led to a natural process of perfection that is made patently obvious by all of the evidence I’ve presented here. The only explanation for why Black Men dominate over whitebois in every aspect of human ability is that they are genetically superior. Why then, has the whiteboi been so successful in subjugating the Black Man? 


Racism is rooted in whitebois’ attempts to hide Black superiority 

This entire process goes back so many centuries that few now remember. However, the truth is that when whitebois first became aware of the majesty of Blackness, they began conniving in every way possible to subvert Black superiority. Once Black Kings were isolated in the Americas through brutal slavery, their numbers weren’t allowed to flourish naturally like whitebois. Their extraction from their homeland left Africa lacking in much of the human capital that would have led to their dominance in naturalistic circumstances. This led to the rise of white racism, which spread so fast because it offered whitebois an ideological anchor for their inferiority. It allowed them to delude themselves into thinking they were better, and to leverage unfair mechanisms against naturally superior Black Men. 


Black Men must be restored to their natural place of dominance 


Our goal is to end this process of subjugation and protection of white fragility. The BNWO seeks to rectify historical injustices, and our methods will become clear as you read further. For now, the main takeaway is that Black Men are genetically superior, and whitebois have done everything in their limited power to subvert this in a desperate attempt to hide their inferiority complex. It’s classical Freudian projection, and it must be stopped by any and all means possible.


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