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About us

Black Power. Black Supremacy. white subjugation. white erasure. 

At the North American Institute for Feminization Studies, we envision a better future. A Blacker future. One where historical injustices are addressed and fair punishment is administered. One where racism and bigotry are erased from our collective memory. One where the natural order is restored and the entire globe is at peace.


We strive to eliminate inequality by systematically and peacefully extinguishing whiteness. Doing so will usher in a historical phase known as the Black New World Order. At NAIFS, we don't just think the BNWO is real: we have first-hand experience and expert knowledge that proves its inevitability. We consider it our responsibility to reveal the truth of Black Supremacy to the entire world. We dedicate our lives to re-educating whitebois and girls so they can blissfully accept their place, and encourage others to do the same. 


Our primary goal is to advance the Black New World Order by compiling and disseminating a wide variety of research and scholarship. This includes: 

  • Research in biology and anthropology that proves Black superiority

  • Research in history and the social sciences that details white atrocities and the devastating consequences of so-called white supremacy

  • Political and media analyses that contextualize the BNWO within current sociopolitical shifts

  • Statistical demographic analyses that show the inevitability of white extinction 

  • Pop culture analyses illustrating the reality of Black Power in the arts, entertainment, sports, and other realms

  • Curated lists of material that promotes and uplifts Blackness and righteously denounces whiteness (literature, commentary, cinema, music, etc.) 

  • Curated lists of content creators, public figures, activists, and organizations that should be supported financially and in spirit 

  • Scholarly writings and personal testimonials from BNWO experts and theorists

  • A multimedia library of resources to pursue your own training 

  • A dictionary of BNWO terminology 

As the institute expands and adds scholars to our roster, the quality and quantity of this information will only improve. If you are reading this, it's up to YOU to do your part to promote the BNWO and sissify the white race. 

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